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This 2018 Cosmic Chardonnay is loaded with opulence and grace. Tropical fruit like pineapple and mango dance with graham cracker and marshmallow.  This wine was fermented in 100 French oak, 25% of it new, giving it the warm toasty notes and richness that you have come to expect. A surprising smooth finish will leave you wanting another taste.       

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$22.00 per Bottle

This DRY Riesling comes from a 30-year-old vineyard above Nevada City.  A cool mountain location, the Schugren Vineyard promotes a very long hang time, as the fruit for this wine was picked near Halloween.  Loaded with green apple and a fresh energy, this wine is a great pairing for spicy dishes like pad thai.  Very limited production.  Age this bottle and petrol notes will bloom. 

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$18.00 per Bottle
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 The wine selections to accompany the San Diego Symphony Orchestra Tasting Notes event.  
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